Winning is on the minds of everyone that play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And according to Pro Football Focus, it should be. The Eagles are PFF’s pick to win the NFC East over the Dallas Cowboys.

As for reasoning, PFF had this to say: “[The Cowboys] enter the season as the team to beat once again, but the Eagles have the pieces to best them in the division. A.J. Brown can be transformative for an offense that was without a true alpha at the position. Jalen Hurts improved last year but still has some room to go to be an elite quarterback, which Brown should help with.

“Their offensive line is an outstanding unit, and the team added potential game-changers on defense. The Eagles have been building well over recent seasons, so this could be their year to take the division and make some noise in the playoffs.”

It’s apparent that the buzz around Philadephia is reaching fever pitches.

With the steps forward Hurts is bound to take, and the explosiveness Brown adds on offense, slowing down that unit will be a problem for opposing teams.

Still, the Eagles are confident heading into the 2022 season. With a team as talented as it is, it should be.

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Feature image via  Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports.