The Philadelphia Eagles are heading to the NFC Championship game for the first time since 2017.

They got there by way of dismantling the New York Giants 38-7 Saturday night in the divisional round. And in the process of beating down Daniel Jones and company, little Boston Scott, the Giant slayer did it again. He scored another touchdown against the Giants, cementing his legend as the monster of New York’s nightmares.

In total, Scott ran the ball six times for 32 yards. He averaged 5.8 yards per carry. And his touchdown came in the second quarter, with Philadelphia already leading 14-0. Scott’s touchdown extended the lead to three possessions. And New York looked completely overmatched.

Take a look:

The mayor of New York has scored 11 of his career 18 touchdowns against the Giants. They have no answer for him in goalline situations. And though his touchdown on Saturday was one of many, it still is interesting to see how Scott continues to torment his NFC foes.

Few things are more certain than death, taxes, and Scott scoring a touchdown against the Giants. So, congratulations, the Giant-killer did it again.

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