Only a few days removed from signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph played in an impressive amount of snaps in Philadelphia’s 17-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

Joseph played in 26 (40%) snaps while Suh played 17 (26%), showcasing an instant impact ability that can only make Philadelphia even more dangerous. But the reason both veterans were able to compete right away resides in the coaching they received from defensive line coach Tracy Rocker throughout the week.

However, Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon also mentioned another under-the-radar reason for both Joseph and Suh’s success.

“I think the other piece to that puzzle that allowed them to come in and play is the versatility and the flexibility of the other three up,” Gannon said. “I’m talking about Fletch (Cox) and (Javon) Hargrave and Milton (Williams).

“We kind of left Suh and L.J. in two spots within the certain fronts. And those guys plugged and played around them, which helped them that they didn’t have to know everything. So, that was huge by those guys. Again, those guys that are up, they’re smart and they’re versatile, they can play different spots.

“I think that goes by the wayside, but that’s a huge piece to those guys being able to play that fast coming in here.”

The hope is that both Joseph and Suh will learn the differing positions. With that knowledge, the rotation may shift dramatically. But it is encouraging to see that Philadelphia was able to plug and play with its two veteran stars. It bodes well for the future of this Eagles team for the rest of the season.

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