The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to host the New England Patriots this weekend at Acrisure Stadium (that’s still weird to type).

That of course means that we got to hear Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talk about the Steelers this week.

And Belichick, as usual, didn’t disappoint. He was his typical stoic self.

“He’s got a bunch of them,” said Belichick when asked about the pressures from Heyward.

“He’s been a hard guy to play against,” added Belichick. “Good player.”

Classic Belichick.

While he didn’t say much, he said enough — Belichick respects Heyward a lot.

Heyward should take those couple of sentences from Belichick as a compliment. That’s about as much as any superstar is going to get out of the six-time Super Bowl champion head coach.

It should be a fun matchup on Sunday. Pittsburgh will be looking to prove their big win over the Cincinnati Bengals this past weekend wasn’t a fluke. While the Patriots will be looking to rebound from their season-opening loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Even without TJ Watt, I think the advantage goes to the Steelers in this game. Pittsburgh has the better roster and they still have a relentless defense.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports