The Pittsburgh Steelers followed up their impressive week one win against the Cincinnati Bengals with a less-than-ideal offensive performance against the New England Patriots.

Pittsburgh fell to 1-1 with the 17-14 loss to New England.

The Steelers managed just one touchdown (they kicked three field goals) in the loss.

Obviously not ideal.

After the game, Steelers offensive lineman James Daniels, who spent the previous four seasons with the Chicago Bears, spoke to reporters and he made some comments that should be concerning to Pittsburgh fans.

Daniels pointed out to reporters that he was part of several similar games in Chicago where the defense played great but the offense couldn’t find its rhythm.

That’s not what you want to hear if you’re a Steelers fan.

Remember, current Pittsburgh starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky started 38 games while Daniels was in Chicago.

Daniels isn’t explicitly saying that Trubisky is a problem, but it’s not that difficult to read between the lines.

There’s a reason why Trubisky didn’t get a mega-contract in free agency (several teams could’ve used a starting quarterback this offseason).

And it’s because Trubisky just isn’t a guy who is going to take a team to the promised land. He’s a high-quality backup who can be a spot starter for a team. But beyond that? Well, he’s probably not going to win enough games to help a team get to a Super Bowl.

If that’s the case, then Pittsburgh doesn’t need to continue to trot him out there. They need to prepare for the future and roll with rookie Kenny Pickett.

There’s no point in delaying the inevitable. Otherwise, the Steelers are going to go through what the Bears went through the last several years.

Featured image via Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK