I don’t know how the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ 2022 season will turn out, but the team quickly gave fans a reason to feel optimistic on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

One of the biggest concerns after the Steelers’ season-opening win against the Cincinnati Bengals was that the offense seemed to forget the middle of the field existed.

Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Matt Canada offered a blunt response this past week when asked about how the Steelers can better use the middle of the field.

“Just throw it there,” said Canada.

It appears that Canada is taking his own advice because the Steelers quickly made use of the middle of the field against the Patriots.

And after not using the middle of the field last week, this came as a surprise to at least one of the Steelers’ beat writers.

One reason Pittsburgh was able to quickly use the middle of the field against New England is that their offensive line was giving quarterback Mitch Trubisky more time to throw the ball.

Football has changed a lot over the years, but one thing remains true — success depends on winning in the trenches.

Featured image via Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports