If you’re one of the very few Pittsburgh Steelers fans hoping for a reunion with controversial wide receiver Antonio Brown, then I have some bad news for you.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin shut down any possibility of Pittsburgh signing Brown during a recent appearance on The Pivot Podcast.

“Y’all know that ain’t happening,” said Tomlin. “In terms of putting a helmet on and running out of the tunnel and playing ball and stuff like that, man. You know he’s moved on, and we’ve moved on. We can sit around and chop that up like it’s a realistic conversation, but we know that’s not realistic.”

The only reason this is even a topic is likely because of Brown’s tweet last month where he said he wants to retire as a Steeler.

Brown could certainly sign a one-day contract and retire as a Steeler, but there’s no chance of him playing again for Pittsburgh.

The former Central Michigan standout had a fruitful career with the Steelers, catching 837 passes for 11,207 yards and 74 touchdowns during his nine seasons in Pittsburgh.

Brown, however, hasn’t been the same player since leaving the Steelers. And after watching the way his career ended in Tampa Bay — with him ripping off his uniform and leaving mid-game — it’s hard to see him playing again in the NFL.

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