The Pittsburgh Steelers got involved in some NFL drama this week that they almost certainly didn’t want to be involved with.

And it has nothing to do with anyone currently on the Steelers’ coaching staff or roster.

Former Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher expressed some strong opinions this week about the Indianapolis Colts’ decision to hire Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach.

Saturday, a former Colts offensive lineman, didn’t have any coaching experience at the collegiate or the NFL level before getting the interim head coaching job in Indy.

Cowher wasn’t a fan of the move, calling it a “disgrace to the coaching profession”.

Saturday responded to Cowher’s comments in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

“I respect his opinion, you know,” said Saturday. “Here’s the thing. God is my defender, man. I don’t have to defend myself. I am absolutely comfortable in who I am. I respect all those guys. Whoever has whatever negative opinion, I can assure you, it’s not gonna change who I am or what I believe I’m called to do. I have no idea, and I still don’t, how successful I’ll be, but we’re gonna work hard at it and I believe I can lead men and lead the staff. I’m excited about the opportunity.”

Normally something like this wouldn’t impact the Steelers.

But with Pittsburgh set to take on the Colts in two weeks, this is something that could affect the team.

Indy is going to rally around Saturday. They already have. And I can guarantee you that Cowher’s comments will be used as bulletin board material in the Colts’ locker room.

The last thing Pittsburgh wants to do is give anyone extra motivation. And while no one in the locker room did, it’s still something the Steelers will have to deal with in a couple of weeks.

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