The Pittsburgh Steelers made one of the biggest national sports media outlets on the planet — the NFL Network — look like fools in week one.

It seemed like everyone outside of Pittsburgh assumed the Cincinnati Bengals would beat the Steelers in week one.

I get it. The Bengals are the defending AFC Champions. They were at home. And they have Joe Burrow, one of the hottest names in the sport.

Pittsburgh, however, didn’t care about any of that. They went out on Sunday and made Burrow’s life a living hell, intercepting the former LSU star four times, sacking him seven times, and forcing two fumbles (Pittsburgh recovered one of the fumbles).

The Steelers ended up leaving Cincinnati with a 23-20 win, shocking everyone on NFL Network that picked the Bengals to win.

And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE.

10 NFL Network writers picked Cincinnati to beat Pittsburgh.

Ouch. That’s a tough look for those writers.

It’s also a great example of groupthink. Everyone felt like the Steelers weren’t going to win that game because they started Mitch Trubisky at quarterback and the Bengals had Burrow.

Trubisky, to his credit, had zero turnovers to Burrow’s five. And that was the difference in the outcome of the game.

Perhaps their logic was a bit flawed.

Featured image via Cara Owsley-USA TODAY Sports