Most folks who closely follow the NFL know that Mitch Trubisky is going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ starting quarterback in 2022.

Trubisky, who was signed by the Steelers this offseason to a two-year deal, has the most starting experience of any quarterback on Pittsburgh’s roster. He’s by far the best option to start week one against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The big question, however, is who finishes the season as the Steelers’ starting quarterback?

Rookie Kenny Pickett is supposed to be the long-term answer while Mason Rudolph has looked great during training camp.

Can Trubisky hold onto the job?

Based on what we saw on Saturday against the Seattle Seahawks, I’d say the answer is yes.

One particular throw that Trubisky made against Seattle impressed me greatly.

With pressure in his face, Trubisky stood in the pocket and delivered a great pass while knowing he was going to get drilled by the defender.

I know that’s just a little check-down throw in a preseason game, but if Trubisky can stand in the pocket with pressure like that, he’ll be just fine in the AFC North this season.

Trubisky has the physical skills. And he has a winning record as a starter. He’s undoubtedly a talented quarterback. It’s the mental part that will make or break Trubisky’s season.

I think the way he stood in the pocket against the Seahawks and delivered a strike shows us that he has what it takes upstairs to succeed in 2022 and maybe beyond.

Featured image via Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports