Pittsburgh has been over .500 the last… who knows how long. They consistently win, and you can’t really debate that. But they are in a bit of a drought. The Pittsburgh Steelers have made the playoffs three times in the last five years but have gone one-and-done each time. That can’t feel good, and with the recent direction of the team, fans can’t feel extremely well about winning one next year, either.

We all know the biggest need for this team is in the quarterback room. That’s a given now. However, other positions could definitely use some help on this Steelers roster.

And as we all know, every single NFL roster is still very fluid. There will be plenty of chances for improvement down the line. 

Steelers could beef up offensive line by signing potential roster cut

ESPN‘s NFL Nation recently wrote about one player each team could potentially cut this off-season. According to ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings could potentially cut offensive lineman Oli Udoh.

The Steelers are in need of some starting-caliber offensive linemen, and Udoh started 16 games last season and played 1,075 snaps. Obviously, the Steelers lost Trai Turner this year to the Commanders, after he started all 17 games for the Steelers. Udoh could potentially replicate what he did.

Last season Turner was fine. According to Pro Football Focus, Of the guards that played at least 1,000 offensive snaps, Turner had the eighth-best pass blocking efficiency at 97.9. Turner allowed the fifth-fewest pressures with 20 of those guys with at least 1,000 offensive snaps. However, he did allow seven sacks, which is something Udoh was nowhere nearby.

In 16 games for the Vikings, Udoh allowed just one sack. Now yes, you could say Turner allowed more sacks because he had a less mobile quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger. However, Kirk Cousins isn’t the most mobile either. He is no Big Ben, but still.

While Udoh did have 16 penalties, that’s something that can be worked on. The Steelers and Mike Tomlin-led teams are not usually a team that gives up a lot of opportunities due to penalties and are often pretty disciplined. Then again, Pat Meyer, the Steelers’ new offensive line coach, was in Carolina last year.

Udoh primarily plays guard and the Steelers currently aren’t settled at one of the guard positions. Kevin Dotson and Kendrick Green are currently battling it out for that spot, but adding a player like Udoh would increase the competition, which hopefully leads to a more rounded-out player winning the job.

Udoh doesn’t have to start for this team, even if he could. But it’s good for the Steelers to have some depth on the offensive line, and for those backups to be guys who have started before. Not to mention, Udoh would likely be pretty cheap, too.

You can read the rest of ESPNs’ article here.

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