The latest disgruntled star in the NFL should be of interest to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Linebacker Roquan Smith shared on social media that he had officially requested a trade from the Chicago Bears. After claiming that the front office was negotiating in bad faith, the two-time second-team All-Pro wrote “I don’t see a path back to the organization I truly love.”

Smith’s message has sent most fanbases plotting and scheming up trade scenarios to get one of the finest linebackers in the league to their teams. As is often the case, some make sense while others don’t.

The Steelers could be among those destinations that are feasible for the proven linebacker. After all, Devin Bush hasn’t been convincing enough for Pittsburgh’s front office to feel confident in the position. The former first-round pick has shown improvements recently but has had mixed results overall throughout camp.

But pulling off a trade for Roquan Smith would not be cheap.

And if the Steelers become interested in a trade, they would have to be prepared to pay up. The Fantasy Playbook’s analyst Kyle Yates tweeted out a scenario that, although costly, could be an accurate representation of what it would take to get Smith in Pittsburgh.

Firstly, it just wouldn’t be easy to move on from Chase Claypool. I get that fans are frustrated about the inconsistencies (and at times, the attitude), but it’s shortsighted to believe the potential is gone. He still has the traits that make a starting NFL receiver and has shown flashes to prove it since his rookie season.

On the other hand, the Steelers did pay Diontae Johnson and could have one of the best depth charts at the position in the league. Moving on from Claypool wouldn’t derail the long-term outlook of the team.

But I come back to the fact that getting rid of Claypool could be too early this year. If the Steelers could make something work that doesn’t involve the receiver, we’d be talking about a much better idea.

Unfortunately for Omar Khan & Co., the Bears might seek help across the offensive line if they decide to trade Roquan. That’s something the Steelers can’t offer Chicago.

The one thing the Steelers could and should do is pick up the phone to get a sense of what it would take. This is a defensive team, after all. If there’s the slightest chance to get another playmaker on the field alongside the likes of TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Cam Heyward, they must explore it.

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