The Pittsburgh Steelers delivered on their promise to look like a better offense on Sunday’s 20-10 win over the New Orleans Saints. They kept it simple for Kenny Pickett as Najee Harris had a refreshingly efficient performance averaging five yards per attempt.

Here and there, Matt Canada’s offense displayed new wrinkles and concepts. But trickery at the goal line wasn’t particularly new. This time around though, it worked perfectly.

From the one-yard line on third-and-goal, wide receiver George Pickens scored the first touchdown of the day to put the Steelers ahead 7-0 in the first quarter.

The score came on the ground, as Pickens was sent in motion to run what looked like a “jet sweep” kind of play at first. What was odd was the fact that the Steelers wide receiver dove into the end zone instead of taking it outside.

Genius design by Canada to catch the Saints off guard? Well, not exactly. In fact, you could say Pickens might be going to improv school at night.

“It was like a jet play, jet sweep,” said Pickens postgame. “I was initially supposed to widen out and run into the corner of the pylon.”

But sometimes football requires you to change the plan during the play. And that’s what the Steelers’ second-round rookie did.

“But I just kinda saw the end zone, the white line. And I just dove,” said Pickens casually, as he does after describing every outstanding catch of his as if it were nothing to be surprised about.

That was not the only carry for the receiver. Canada also called his name on an end-around run that was good for 23 yards. It was one of six runs that went for 10+ yards for the Steelers on Sunday.

While Pickens probably still wants more targets in the passing game (he had four on Sunday, third most for the team), getting 55 yards and one touchdown in five touches should be considered a productive day.

“It makes the game way more fun,” said the Steelers’ receiver about the strong performance on offense. “When we have games like these it just makes football extra fun.”

Featured image via Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

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