Pittsburgh Steelers fans have had to wait to watch free agent pickup Larry Ogunjobi on the practice field. Fortunately, that wait might be nearing an end.

The defensive lineman has been through a lot.

Initially, he suffered a foot injury during the Cincinnati Bengals’ Wild Card win over the Las Vegas Raiders in last year’s playoffs. He had to miss the rest of the postseason while watching his team make it all the way into the Super Bowl.

At least, Ogunjobi had put up a big season that augured good things for the veteran’s free agency. It wasn’t long until he agreed to a three-year, $40.5 million deal with the Chicago Bears. Fast forward five days later, the deal was pulled after Ogunjobi failed his physical.

Another team’s tragedy is another team’s blessing. The Steelers eventually landed the former Bengal on a one-year deal to bolster up the depth of an already talented defensive line. However, he has mostly been sidelined throughout the offseason.

Some good news is in order for the veteran defensive lineman.

Fortunately, it sounds like it’s just a matter of time before his return, as GM Omar Khan disclosed that Ogunjobi is ready to go. Instead, they’re just “being smart” with him. Ogunjobi has seen some light work but has yet to participate in any team drills.

There’s no reason to hurry the defensive lineman into the field and the Steelers know it.

Omar Khan also mentioned the Steelers are expecting Minkah Fitzpatrick to return to the field soon. “Soon” can mean many different things in the NFL, but the team sure sounds optimistic about the health status of their defensive players.

Pittsburgh football will need its defensive unit to step up as they get ready for a season with a questionable situation at quarterback and a shaky offensive line. For old-school Steelers football to take place, every man counts.

Ogunjobi’s imminent return is great news for Steelers Nation.

Featured image via Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports