There’s no defending what Matt Canada has done this season as the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The offense was expected to struggle under the command of questionable quarterbacks but it was never supposed to be this bad.

As painful as it might be, let’s take a look. The Steelers rank:

  • 32nd in points per game
  • 32nd in yards per play
  • 26th in rush yards per attempt
  • 32nd in passing yards per attempt
  • 28th in third down conversion percentage
  • 27th in red zone scoring percentage
  • 25th in offensive DVOA

With an offensive line that’s exceeded expectations and a very talented group of skill-position players, that’s completely inexcusable. How do you defend something like this?

Because make no mistake about it, every moment that the Steelers don’t do anything about it, they’re essentially standing by Canada. Meanwhile, Bill Cowher is calling out the team for ruining the development of rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett.

And if the on-field results are not enough to force Pittsburgh into making changes, perhaps players’ sentiment should be.

After an embarrassing 35-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Diontae Johnson couldn’t have been more direct in calling out the coaching.

“You obviously know what’s wrong,” said the Steelers’ wide receiver to reporters. “We’re just out there playing and trying to win.”

In case the intention of saying it’s obvious what the problem is, Johnson seemingly doubled down in a follow-up question. When asked if it was one thing or a combination of things, the recently-extended receiver said:

“I don’t want to get into specific details on that. We just do what the coaches tell us to do. We go out there and try to execute the plays to the best of our abilities.”

We could dissect his comments to convince ourselves it isn’t a direct shot at Matt Canada but his words seem pretty straightforward if we’re being real.

It isn’t even the first time Steelers’ offensive players make such comments. This has been going on since early in the season.

Now granted, it would be unfair to say the players are not partly responsible for the Steelers’ struggles this season. Johnson himself has three drops this season.

But not only is the offense not operating right now but the locker room clearly isn’t happy about the current situation. Will the bye week lead to much-needed changes?

If it doesn’t, the offense better look different when Pittsburgh hosts the New Orleans Saints in Week 10.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports