PITTSBURGH – The NFL Draft isn’t just about fanfare and excitement. The lives of hundreds of young men change within the span of a few days after years and years of hard work and dedication toward reaching their lifetime goal of playing in the NFL.

Said change often leads to some of the most authentic, genuine, and human moments that we’ll ever see in real time. And honestly, the satisfaction from watching these kids’ dreams come true far outweighs the needs of all 32 NFL teams.

When it comes to Kenny Pickett and the Steelers, it got about as real as things get in regard to emotion. And for good reason. The Steelers helped this young man’s dreams come true by making a simple phone call.

And below is Pickett’s reaction. You can tell that not only is he grateful, but he’s excited to get his Steelers career started.

It’s a great moment and there will be plenty more to come over the following days.

Featured image via Jim Dedmon-USA Today Sports