The NFL trade deadline is just a few days away (November 1) and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool is a player who is likely anxious for it to pass.

Claypool has been the subject of numerous trade rumors over the last few weeks (a popular one has connected him to the Green Bay Packers).

For now, it’s unclear whether or not Claypool will be traded.

What we do know, though, is that Claypool is doing his best to avoid seeing or hearing the rumors.

Claypool told reporters on Thursday that he ignores the rumors simply by staying off Twitter.

At some point, the human element has to creep in a bit for a professional athlete dealing with these rumors.

The average person doesn’t have to deal with this type of stuff. In the snap of a finger, Claypool could be moving to a completely new city and getting tossed into a locker room with a bunch of players/coaches he doesn’t know. It has to be tough to block that out.

Claypool, however, seems to be blocking out the noise well so far. We’ll know by Tuesday afternoon whether or not he’ll finish the year with the Steelers. Until then, I guess Claypool will continue to stay off Twitter and other social media sites.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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