AEW announcer Jim Ross, an Oklahoma Sooners superfan, doesn’t think very highly of Kansas State.

Ross, who was a standout three-sport athlete in high school, recently spoke to 247Sports about his Sooners joining the SEC.

And Ross made it clear that he’s happy to leave tailgating at Kansas State behind for locations like The Grove at Ole Miss.

“I told someone this the other day: You know, I would rather tailgate in The Grove than Kansas State,” said Ross. “And that’s gonna piss off some people at Kansas State. I don’t mean to, but I mean, you got some of these iconic tailgate locations in the Southeastern Conference that I know our fans are going to love.”

“The great thing about Oklahoma fans is that we travel well. We’ve got a very loyal fan base and there’s OU clubs all over the country.”

Ross is right about Oklahoma fans traveling well — there were plenty of Sooners fans present at Neyland Stadium in 2015 (side note: I came across numerous OU fans leaving the press box after the game and that fan base couldn’t have been nicer. I also came across Jim Ross being escorted through the crowd. His legendary cowboy hat made him stick out like a sore thumb.)

Kansas State fans probably won’t like these comments from Ross, but it’s hard to argue against them.

If you’re an Oklahoma fan would you rather tailgate in Kansas and Iowa? Or would you rather hit up Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama?

I’d say that’s an easy decision.

Featured image via Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports