As of July 1, college athletes can make money off their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

Not everyone is a fan of these new NIL rules. There are plenty of fans who are stuck in the past and believe amateur college athletes should not be allowed to profit off their athletic abilities (“that’s why they get scholarships” is a common refrain heard from that crowd).

I’m sure there are plenty of college coaches who aren’t fans of the new rules, either.

I don’t know which side Alabama head coach Nick Saban falls on. But I know one thing — he’s going to use the NIL rules, regardless of what he thinks of them, to recruit players to Alabama.

And he started on Tuesday….at least publicly.

Saban was speaking at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention and he revealed that Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young, a former five-star recruit, has already made close to $1 million thanks to the new NIL rules.

Saban was directly speaking to recruits when he threw that number out there. He wants recruits to know they can make some serious coin at Alabama.

Young hasn’t even played a game as the starter at Alabama yet and he’s already earning more than the majority of college quarterbacks.

That’s a pretty strong recruiting pitch. And it’ll be tough for other programs to recruit against it.

Which is all the more reason that an expanded playoff is needed. It’s the only way to get some much-needed parity into the sport.

Featured image via Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports