Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has always been arrogant.

But I guess you can be when you boast a resume with six national championships, eight SEC championships and over 200 career wins.

However, there comes a point when the arrogance is a bit much. And I think Saban reached that point on Saturday night.

After Alabama’s 63-48 win against Ole Miss, Saban made it a point in the post-game press conference to suggest that Lane Kiffin and the Rebels had the Crimson Tide’s defensive signals.

This is hilarious to me.

Saban just cannot believe that Alabama gave up 647 total yards to Ole Miss. He can’t believe that Alabama’s defense failed that badly.

Instead, Saban chose to go with Ole Miss stealing defensive signals?

Let’s keep in mind that Kiffin hasn’t been on Alabama’s staff since 2017. If Saban didn’t change the signals between 2017 and now, that’s on him.

By the way, Kiffin responded to the accusation, via Twitter, on Sunday.

It’s like Saban can’t accept that Kiffin outsmarted his defense on Saturday night.

That’s the definition of arrogance.

Maybe Saban should focus more on cleaning up his defense’s mistakes, instead of making wild accusations.

Excuses never look good, Nick.

Featured image via The Tuscaloosa News-USA TODAY Sports