The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and wide receiver Antonio Brown will live forever in NFL lore.

Whether it’s for a good reason, bad reason, or purely entertaining reason (definitely the latter), mentioning the Buccaneers and Brown will always take most back to that fateful December day in the Meadowlands when Brown stripped down to his game pants and run off the field throwing peace signs and doing jumping jacks.

There’s a very, very strong chance Brown doesn’t play for the Buccaneers, ever, if Tom Brady wasn’t the quarterback. Actually, scratch that: there’s zero chance it would’ve happened.

This is because AB has an apparent and obvious infatuation with Brady, even if he straight-up disrespected him that day in New York. Directly or not.

And that infatuation showed up once again during a recent “interview” with TMZ.

“Tell him I miss the passes,” said Brown. “I’m still open.”

Brown is definitely open, especially in the context that he’s open on the free agent market.

Maybe he can catch passes from Brady in Miami next year. But until then, it looks like he’ll have to stick with his rap career.

Featured image via Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports