TAMPA BAY – The Buccaneers have seen a lot of changes this offseason.

From player movement, to retirements and un-retirements – the Buccaneers have dealt with a lot more than most teams deal with in March and April.

But even with all of the change, continuity still reigns supreme in 2022.

Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich backed up the notion Monday when he spoke to reporters at the 8th Annual Arians Family Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic. Many assumed the Buccaneers offense would see changes with Bruce Arians no longer running the show, but as Arians has said all along, that won’t be the case, whatsoever.

“Nothing really changes,” Leftwich told reporters. “He’s [Arians] been trying to tell you guys [that] I’ve been doing it all since I really got here. But, the narrative is the narrative.

“Nothing really changes. He’s still in the building. If I ever need help, if I ever need to bounce something off of him, he’s right there for me. … It’s always good to be around BA as much as possible.”

Leftwich has in fact been “the guy” when it comes to what the Buccaneers do on offense. He designs the game plans, calls the plays, and does all the other heavy lifting. Arians has always been involved, as well, but it’s been more of an overseer role, than anything.

Arians’ retirement shouldn’t -and won’t- have any bearing on what the Buccaneers offense looks like in 2022. Maybe one day, the national narrative will finally figure that out.

h/t to The Athletic‘s Greg Auman

Featured image via Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports