TAMPA BAY – The Buccaneers traded back and out of the first round of the NFL Draft, so why wouldn’t they trade back in the second round?

There are actually a lot of reasons why and their names are Andrew Booth Jr., Logan Hall, Perrion Winfrey, Jaquan Brisker, and many others. But, there are reasons for the Buccaneers to move back in the draft, acquiring more draft capital being the primary one, as well.

Either way, it sounds like they’ll have opportunities to take if they choose to do so. That’s because NFL Network‘s Ian Rapoport said Friday that the Buccaneers are getting calls for the 33rd overall pick, a.k.a, the first pick of Day 2.

“My understanding is they are getting calls,” Rapoport said on NFL Network‘s Total Access. “I believe that when Jason Licht gets calls, he answers calls.”

Could/would the Buccaneers trade back for a consecutive time?

Sure, they could. But to be clear when it comes to Rapoport’s statement: The fact that the Buccaneers are getting calls is standard procedure and it’s expected. And there’s a difference between listening and paying attention. However, it’s still interesting to think the Buccaneers are paying attention to who’s calling, at least.

Will they do it? I’d say no, right now. Their guy, Logan Hall, is still on the board and Jason Licht now has two picks in the fourth round a new sixth-round pick after Thursday night’s trade. He could easily use the extra ammo to move up from the 60th overall pick if he wants, which lends credence to staying put at 33 and making sure they get the top guy on their board.

Featured image via Trevor Ruszkowski-USA Today Sports