When the news first broke that Tom Brady was recruiting Julio Jones to come play with him and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was pretty hard to believe.

According to Jones, the two never really spoke about the future Hall of Famer joining the GOAT down in Florida.

Or maybe they did. But just a little bit.

“I talked with Tom several times,” Jones told reporters Wednesday. “It wasn’t really about coming to Tampa, it was just communicating. It was just feeling each other out, I guess. It was probably a tactic, but I don’t know. I’m here.

“… But all in all, we talked a little bit. And I’m going to leave it at that.”

Regardless, Jones always knew he wanted to come to Tampa Bay.

“All along,” Jones said when asked how long he’d been thinking about joining the Buccaneers. “Once I got the call from Tennessee saying that I can go out and explore, Jimmy Sexton my agent at CAA, we discussed some options and things like that. I already told him where I wanted to play.”

The rumors surrounding Jones and the Buccaneers continued to swirl and heat up as the summer progressed. And what was once water cooler talk became reality on Tuesday.

The Buccaneers are Super Bowl contenders. Everyone knows that, including Jones.

Which is why his sights were always set on the Buccaneers and why he joined them.

“It’s not a money play,” said Jones. “It’s just for me to come out here, knowing my value and knowing what I have to offer. And the Buccaneers organization is giving me an opportunity to showcase my skills and be a part of something new.”

Now, it’s time to go get that ring that’s eluded Jones his entire career.

You can check out the full interview with Jones, below:

Featured image via George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK