TAMPA BAY – Everyone knows that Logan Hall will play along the defensive line for the Buccaneers, but where and how he plays is what remains to be seen.

Hall is not your average interior defensive lineman. He has the versatility to play outside (think 5T and further out) every now and then to go with his interior presence. It’s a big reason why the Buccaneers drafted him with the 33rd overall pick.

Another reason why the Bucs took Hall is because Ndamukong Suh is currently out of the picture. It’s largely unknown if he returns to Tampa Bay for another year. Hall will help fill the void if Suh doesn’t return, but it doesn’t stop there: Hall can play Jason Pierre-Paul’s occasional inside role if JPP doesn’t come back and he can also do what Joe Tryon-Shoyinka did when JTS played inside, at times.

I write all of that to say this: Hall is a great fit for what Todd Bowles wants to do on defense. He’s such a great fit that he was recently listed as one of the draft’s top-7 defensive scheme fits by Diante Lee of The Athletic.

Lee nailed why Hall is such a great fit but it was the following excerpt that really stood out:

But Hall is my favorite fit on the interior because of what he gives the Bucs on passing downs. Tampa Bay is multiple up front, toggling among odd, even and exotic looks, and Hall is exactly the kind of defensive tackle a coordinator can use to pick on weak guards and centers.

There’s very little doubt that Hall won’t find playing time in 2022

Lee is exactly right when it comes to what Hall can do on passing downs and the Buccaneers need his help, right now. As earlier mentioned, Suh and JPP aren’t on the roster. Steve McLendon, another big contributor over the last couple years, isn’t, either.  The Bucs defense needs a player to step up and help the front seven and Hall is the top candidate to do so.

There will be over 1,500 snaps to replace if the trio of Suh, JPP, and McLendon don’t return in 2022. And to go back to the point about help on passing downs, Suh led the team with 91 pass rushes on 3rd and 7+ in 2021, per Sports Info Solutions. He had more pass rushes in that situation than Shaquil Barrett the team’s leader in sacks, did.

Per SIS, JPP had 73 rushes in 2020, which was second-most on the team.

What ties everything together are Hall’s traits and the aforementioned scheme fit. Both go hand-in-hand, which is the exact foundation a player needs to hit the ground running in regard to having a successful rookie year.

So, it’s really a matter of how Hall develops over the next couple of months. Everything from traits to playing time are in line and ready to give him his opportunity – he just has to seize it.

You can check out Lee’s other scheme fits, here.

Featured image via Jim Owens-USA TODAY Sports