TAMPA BAY – By now, it’s nearly impossible to argue that “Tom Brady fatigue” doesn’t exist in the NFL world.

It was pretty clear last year when Aaron Rodgers won the MVP over Brady. Don’t get me wrong: Rodgers deserved the award.

But he didn’t deserve it more than Brady.

As it turns out, Brady’s been disrespected again. Not in the form of another MVP vote, however. No, this isn’t on that level in regard to the importance of the burn.

This time it comes from well-respected NFL analyst Bucky Brooks. The former NFL scout recently put out an article labeled the “five scariest quarterbacks entering 2022” and did something very, very odd.

He left Tom Brady off the list.

Below is an excerpt of what Brooks wrote when it comes to the logic behind leaving the Buccaneers’ best quarterback of all-time off the list:

“One way to spark a strong reaction from the football world is to insinuate that a superstar is a system player, someone who is elevated by the pieces around him and lacking the skills needed to succeed in any situation….

“While I believe there is a lot more nuance needed to fully understand the point Scott tried to make, there is something different about facing a player who is in the system compared to someone who thrives within the system.

“For instance, a quarterback who can operate outside of the play designs crafted by the offensive coordinators poses a bigger threat to the defense. Whether making plays on an impromptu scramble or firing a no-look pass across the field, the quarterbacks who keep defensive coordinators up at night are the ones who are able to make plays beyond the diagrams on the chalkboard.”

Brooks’ logic hardly makes sense

Overall, yes, Brooks’ point can be rendered as valid. But only to a certain extent.

It’s still not enough of a reason to leave Brady off this list.

Brooks is basing this off his own experience and a quote from former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott. Their reasoning is that Brady can’t operate out of structure, which doesn’t make him a scary quarterback to face.

He’s also mislabeled as a “system quarterback”. And he’s has more than proven time-and-time again that it’s only ice in his veins when it’s go-time.

Which, honestly, is a scarier prospect, than anything. Knowing the Buccaneers are never out of it, no matter what situation, always keeps defenders’ heads on a collective swivel.

And yea, Brady is a system quarterback and shouldn’t be feared, although:

  • Even though Brady has had two of the best seasons of his career with the Buccaneers, in a new system.
  • Even though Brady is one game-winning drive and one comeback away from tying Peyton Manning (54 and 43, respectively) for the most in NFL history.
  • Even though Brady has routinely been the best quarterbacks -or one of the top-3 best- over the last 5-6 years (outside 2019).

And, he holds every significant passing record in NFL history. He has the most wins in NFL history.

He has the most Super Bowl rings out of any other player in NFL history.

If anyone wants to argue that Brady can’t operate out of structure, then go back and watch Super Bowl LI. The Patriots were down 28-3 and Brady helped lead them to the epic comeback win.

If anything, that is operating out of structure to its fullest.

Plus, using Scotts’ logic, do we really think anyone is saying they’d rather face Brady than Mac Jones and the 2022 Patriots?

No. Not at all.

Scott is a media personality, and he’s always been a talker, so it makes sense for him to say something like that and inflate it for a reaction. Unfortunately, Brooks took his comment and ran with it, thus throwing major disrespect at Tom Brady in the process.

You can check out Brooks’ entire column, here.

Featured image via Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports