When Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen first went down with his knee injury, the immediate word was they wouldn’t know the true extent of the injury -or how much time Jensen will actually miss- for a while.

Alas, here we are, nearly a month later and we still don’t have any concrete answers.

And according to Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer, we won’t have any answers for a while.

Because the Buccaneers don’t know what they’re officially going to do with Jensen for a while.

Breer wrote the following in SI’s latest edition of its weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column:

“I wouldn’t expect any definitive declaration on Jensen for the Bucs for a while. His knee injury is complicated. He and the team are, indeed, leaving the door open for a return, but I’m told it wouldn’t happen until the playoffs, and probably deep into the playoffs, and even that might not be very likely. Either way, it’ll be a few months before they have a better idea on whether there’s a real chance he can play this season.”

Breer’s statement coincides with what head coach Todd Bowles said recently regarding Jensen’s status.

“The swelling hasn’t gone down and they’re not exactly sure on the timing,” Bowles told reporters after the first preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. “He may or may not come back, if at all … They just told me to wait until the swelling goes down because it could go one of two ways and we are just waiting for it.”

Bowles did initially mention a possible scenario of a November or December return, but he didn’t give any sort of official timeline. Either way, if Jensen does return, it’s pretty clear it won’t be until very late in the season.

But as Breer mentions, a playoff return is possible. Much like Vita Vea’s return during the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl run in 2020. Vea hurt himself in Week 5 against the Chicago Bears, but was able to return in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers. He also played in the Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Per The Athletic‘s Greg Auman, the Buccaneers will wait until after final roster cuts on Tuesday, August 30 before deciding whether or not they want to place Jensen on IR.

Either way, it looks like all of us -including the Buccaneers- will be playing the waiting game when it comes to Jensen’s future.

You can check out Breer’s full column, here.

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