The struggles have continued for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the offense looks stagnant and inefficient against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.

There have been a plethora of things you can blame the struggles on in 2022, but the biggest and most surprising thing in the first half against the Saints was the play by the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady.

It’s not hard to see that Brady was being outplayed by Dalton after the first half, and there is a big reason why. Brady just wasn’t being efficient enough, and former Buccaneers Super Bowl Champion Anthony ‘Booger’ McFarland said it best.

“Well, Brady is part of the problem,” McFarland said during halftime on the ESPN desk as an analyst.

“The difference between the game tonight is Dalton and Brady. Dalton has been really accurate, and Brady quite frankly guys, Brady has been bad. He had two overthrows on deep balls, and then the interception. We all keep waiting for Brady to bail this team out, but they make everything look hard. I just don’t know if there is bailing this team out.”

While Booger has some pretty wild takes in the past and is definitely loved by everyone who watches football, he is actually right this time.

Brady has had a few bad throws in this one with the one to wide receiver Scotty Miller, the interception by Saints’ linebacker Demario Davis, and the two times he overthrew Julio Jones on a deep ball.

At the half, Brady was 15-23 with 104 passing yards and an interception, while Dalton was 8-13 with 142 passing yards and a touchdown. Not to mention the two balls Saints’ receivers dropped that were right on the money, too.

McFarland was a part of the 2002 Super Bowl team in Tampa Bay, where he finished with 1.5 sacks in 10 starts. In his career as an analyst, he nailed this take.

Brady has to be better, or nothing will work. You can’t get outplayed by a guy who could be the backup for New Orleans next week.

We’ll see what happens in the second half.

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