TAMPA BAY – In case you missed it – the Buccaneers and Tom Brady both had a rather wild offseason.

Naturally, rampant speculation followed.

Part of said speculation was a rumor that the relationship between Brady and former head coach Bruce Arians soured over the final weeks of the 2021 season. Said rumors centered around Arians’ supposed control of the offensive game plan, which left Brady feeling slighted.

Arians has since commented on the situation, saying everything that’s been said is completely false and it’s a result of people needing something to write about.

Brady, on the other hand, hasn’t

But he did during his Thursday press conference after the final day of Buccaneers mandatory minicamp.

And sure enough, Brady backed up his former coach.

“Zero whatsoever,” Brady said when asked about the validity of the rumors targeting he and Arians’ relationship. “He and I have a great relationship. Part of why I chose here was because of Bruce. He and I have incredible communication. I have great respect for him. He knows how I feel about him – that’s the most important thing.

“And I know he feels about me.”

Brady later offered his thoughts how the rumor became so widespread. Outside of the fact that one of the more prominent national outlets kept piling on, of course.

“There’s a lot of things that aren’t right that are said,” Brady explained. “And I think the thing is, [if] you come out and try to respond to everything that’s not right … You don’t have to be right very often. You just have to be right every so often these days and I think if people click on it, then you read more of it. And obviously they’re clicking on it, so it’s what people want and what’s talked about.

“It may not be accurate, but that’s okay. I don’t complete every pass, so I understand not everyone can get it right all the time.”

There’s really not much to say outside of this, except that Brady’s and Arians’ relationship soured was nothing other than exactly what it was – speculation.

You can watch Brady’s full press conference, below:

Featured image via Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports