Tom Brady has enjoyed a rather decent stretch of success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He’s given the team a very proven, veteran voice at quarterback, has remained as one of the best quarterbacks in the league even in his mid 40s, and has given Tampa Bay the luxury of not wasting a supremely talented roster due to poor quarterback play.

Not to mention, he brought the Buccaneers their second Super Bowl title ever, winning in dominant fashion over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Lately though, things haven’t gone the way Brady and the Buccaneers have planned. This season, Tampa Bay continues to flirt with a .500 record, they possess an offense that has become as anemic as any offense you’ve ever seen, and the overall outlook of the team feels relatively different compared to years past.

The seesawing between a .500 record and a losing one hasn’t hurt Tampa Bay significantly though, as they’re still in the thick of an uninspiring NFC South division race. But the negativities still remain and they’re the main reason why observers around the league aren’t even taking Tampa Bay seriously moving forward.

Even with Brady manning the signal caller spot.

With these depressing details representing reality, there are questions regarding the future of the franchise, mostly related to their status as a contender. One of those questions is tied to the future of Brady, whose contract expires at the end of the season.

There’s no word on what Brady’s future might hold, but according to a recent article from The Athletic, it might not reside in the sunny community in Tampa Bay.

Now this is all speculative dialogue, with no concrete answers regarding Brady’s future. But at the idea of Brady’s future lying elsewhere is anything but, at least on the spectrum of speculation.

These rumors could be a blind shot in the dark, or they could be legit with some real legs to them.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear Brady’s future will be a hot topic for the rest of the season. That might not be a positive thing, especially with the Buccaneers still attempting to make another Super Bowl run.

But that’s the reality and the Buccaneers will have to accept that as they try to work out their issues.

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