TAMPA BAY – If Tom Brady is your quarterback, anything is possible.

Just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady took the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl -and won the damn thing- in his first year with the team. Before that, the Buccaneers suffered through a 12-season playoff drought that saw the team produce just three winning seasons.

Last year, the Buccaneers tied the Packers for the best record in football and not only won the NFC South, but also hosted a playoff game for the first time since 2007. The Bucs also hosted two playoff games for the first time in franchise history.

Every box that can be checked has been checked with Brady as the Buccaneers’ quarterback.

If Brady can do that with a team like the Bucs, then it’s hard to sit there and say he couldn’t do it with any other team in the NFL.

However, that doesn’t stop NFL Network‘s Rich Eisen from saying he’d rather have Jets second-year QB Zach Wilson than Brady in 2022.

Now, to add context and to be fair, Eisen was specifically talking about for 2022 and beyond. He says he doesn’t want Brady because it would interfere with Wilson’s development toward becoming a franchise quarterback.

“I would look you in the face… and say I would not take Tom Brady over Zach Wilson this year,” Eisen said one of his recent episodes of The Rich Eisen Show. “I’m not lying…. I do not want to stop Zach Wilson’s development.”

“The Jets could win the Super Bowl with Tom Brady? No sir.”

Eisen’s statement is pretty confusing

Eisen is one of the smartest guys in the business and he’s a reliable opinion when it comes to all things NFL. However, this one is hard to figure out.

Sure, his overall point is he’d rather continue to develop Wilson, who could end up being the Jets’ franchise quarterback for the next 15-20 years. Wilson looked like he was making progress toward the end of 2021, so, it’s easy to see why someone wouldn’t want said progress stopped.

At the same time though, Eisen shouldn’t be so quick to put a ceiling on the Jets’ hypothetical 2022 season with Brady at quarterback. There were a lot of people saying the Buccaneers wouldn’t even make the playoffs with Brady in 2022, let alone win the Super Bowl. And that was at a time when Brady looked like he’d lost a step in his game.

These days, the dude is coming off what many thought should’ve been an MVP season and the Buccaneers were just a play short from advancing to a second-straight NFC Championship game.

With the roster improvements made over the last couple of months, the Jets could certainly make the playoffs for the first time since the 2010-2011 AFC Championship game.

And who knows? They could very well win a playoff game or two. Or even make it to the big game.

That’s what Brady does for NFL teams.

Swapping the possibility of a Super Bowl run or merely a playoff appearance is something many Jets fans would consider or even have instead of an unknown 2022 season with Wilson leading the way. Even if it costs a year of development.

Wilson will be around for at least two more years, probably even three. And that’s not including the 2022 season. Eisen is great and he’s one of the best in the biz, but to say he’d rather have Wilson over Brady just to keep Wilson’s development on track is serving Brady a massive helping of disrespect, at the end of the day.

You can watch the full segment, below:

Featured image via Kevin R. Wexler-NorthJersey.com / USA TODAY NETWORK