Are you ready for more ridiculousness featuring Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Well, get ready because here it comes: A recent article from CBS Sports‘ Cody Benjamin suggests the Buccaneers could be a viable destination for former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Benjamin wrote the following regarding the one-time Super Bowl winning head coach and the two-time Super Bowl winning franchise:

“Bruce Arians apparently resigned in order to leave Todd Bowles with a solid setup for his second try as a head coach. So it’d be odd if Tampa Bay axes its internal promotion after just one year. But Tom Brady plays a huge role here, and considering he has the power to test free agency again in 2023, his input may well dictate their moves up top. And remember, both Brady and Payton have danced around rumors they were set to join forces with the Dolphins after their separate “retirements.” It’s not hard to envision Brady returning again if it means crafting an offense with Payton, who could help TB12 conquer his Saints demons.”

There is simply no way in hell this happens

Benjamin should’ve removed the Buccaneers from this list after writing the first sentence. The whole reason Todd Bowles is head coach is because Bruce Arians set this up. It would be one of the biggest slaps in the face to both Arians and Bowles if they were to part ways after this year. Especially when considering Bowles signed a five-year deal with the Buccaneers.

And in case people forgot: Arians is still in the building. He wouldn’t sign off on this move in his wildest dreams and it’s very likely he’d leave the organization along with Bowles. So, the Buccaneers wouldn’t lose just one valuable asset – they’d lose two.

If that’s not enough, then the thought of Brady dictating coaching hires is just as preposterous. Sure, there are instances like Aaron Rodgers saying he’d like to have one his old quarterback coaches/offensive coordinators in Tom Clements back on the staff, but to purposely have one coach fired in favor of hiring another? And a head coach, at that?

C’mon now. Just stop. Please.

Those two points should be enough to completely disregard Tampa Bay as a potential Payton landing spot, but alas, we are just a couple of days away from training camp kicking into full gear, so I guess people have to squeeze the last bit of crazy juice out of the orange before the real news starts to kick in.

You can check out Benjamin’s full article, here.

Featured image via Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports