After last week’s last second win over the Los Angeles Rams, Devin White said he’d been taking football for granted previously, something he directly mentioned as a cause of his unusually disappointing play over the first half of the season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The reason was what also apparently gave White a bounce back performance, as he played his best football of the season against the Rams, and returned to the form that gave him so much praise and respect previously.

But the next step in reversing his trend of taking football for granted, would be to stack good performances from week to week again.

He had a chance to do that today against the Seattle Seahawks in Munich, and based on his stat line, he did just that.

White finished the game with nine tackles, two sacks, and a tackle for loss. It was a performance that showcased the sheer talent that had consistently been on display throughout White’s short career until this season.

During one of those big plays for White though — or after to be specific — he unveiled an uncommon celebration that we haven’t seen from him before.

He pointed to the sky after a sack, an action we now know was dedicated to his late father, who passed away this past Thursday.

It takes a lot of guts to play something as meaningless as football after losing a loved one. Grief, sadness, anger, and any other emotions could’ve forced White to step away and return a week or two later.

But White stuck with the course and left it on the line to play the game he loves.

Kudos to White, plus thoughts and prayers to the White family during this time.

Featured image via Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

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