Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady turned a San Francisco 49ers player into a little kid on Sunday despite Tampa’s loss.

Brady didn’t have his best game in the Bucs’ 35-7 loss to the 49ers. The future Hall of Famer threw two interceptions against his hometown team.

After the game, Brady was approached by San Francisco linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who intercepted one of Brady’s passes.

Greenlaw approached Brady after the game to have the ball signed.

Here’s Greenlaw hilariously telling the story and admitting he felt like a “fan girl”.

And here’s video of Brady signing the football.

If this was anyone but Brady, this would be incredibly odd. How often does a quarterback throw an interception and then have to autograph the ball? I can’t imagine that’s happened much in NFL history.

But Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. So it’s understandable that a player who was born when Brady was a redshirt sophomore at Michigan wanted to mark a special achievement (intercepting the GOAT) with an autograph.

And as pissed as Brady was to lose the game — he’s never been happy with a loss — he still cheerfully honored the request and maintained his reputation as a class act.

Featured image via Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

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