Surprisingly enough, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the 12th-lowest payroll, according to Spotrac, with $199,873,935 million in active spending. Yet, they are still able to compete for a championship nearly every year for the last few years.

They won the Super Bowl in 2020, Tom Brady’s first year, over the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that spends quite a bit of money every year. They have the ninth-highest payroll according to Spotrac.

A big reason why the Buccaneers have been able to compete the way they have with a small payroll, is because of Brady. Yes, his presence and skill set is a big reason why. But there is also another reason why.

Pro Football Focus says Brady’s contract is a top-10 deal in the NFL

Brady has been doing this for years. He takes a pay cut, or less money than he deserves, so the team can afford great players at other positions. The New England Patriots did it, and now Tampa Bay is.

Per PFF, Brady has one year left on his deal, with $15 million in cash remaining. Usually the quarterbacks are the highest or one of the highest paid players on the team.

Brady has the third-highest cap hit on the team, with $11,896,000 million, behind Donovan Smith and Lavonte David. Brady’s base salary is $1,120,000 million, the 21st highest on the team.

Here is why PFF writer Brad Spielberger has Brady’s contract ranked the eighth best:

“Brady un-retired this offseason after just over a month, returning to a loaded Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster and under a contract that is still a massive bargain for a soon-to-be 45-year-old. Brady led the NFL with 5.12 Wins Above Replacement generated in 2021, and his 90.8 passing grade trailed only Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Brady’s 5,316 passing yards also led the NFL, as did his 41 big-time throws. His 1.9% turnover-worthy play rate was the second-lowest across the league. Even in his mid-40s, Brady remains one of the league’s best quarterbacks week in and week out — no matter which statistic you choose to observe.”

Brady is the greatest of all-time, there is no debating it anymore. He came to a new team, and won a Super Bowl in his first year there, against a very high-powered offense in Kansas City.

This year he could do the same thing, and help the team win one more before his contract is up. With the amount of cap space the team has, they could make a few more signings to help this team out. A big reason why is Brady.

Don’t get it twisted, though: Brady is still making plenty of cash. Brady has made nearly $68 million in cash during his first two years with the Buccaneers. He’ll make $30 million in 2022, bringing his three-year total just under $100 million.

Tampa Bay has taken a page out of the Patriots book. Let’s see if they can keep winning Super Bowls like New England, too.

You can read the rest of the PFF article here.

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