TAMPA BAY – It’s funny how it didn’t take long for Tom Brady’s post-football plans to dominate the headlines after he returned to the Buccaneers.

In case you missed out: Brady will make over $37 million per year for 10 years as the lead analyst for Sunday football on FOX Sports after he officially retires. Whenever that may be.

These days, people are wondering how Brady performs in the booth. The popular thought is he’ll be just as great in the booth as he is on the football field. However, there are many who question FOX‘s investment.

Jim Nantz, the lead analyst for CBS Sports and a guy who’s been at the top of business for over 30 years, recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and gave his thoughts on how Brady will be as a color commentator/analyst for FOX.

Nantz got right to the point and didn’t mince words.

“He’ll be very well prepared. That goes without saying,” said Nantz. “His analytical brain – when you sit in the production meeting and you hear what it is that’s going on in his mind and what he sees – I know he’s gonna be able to articulate that. I think he’ll be very good. I don’t have any question about it.”

“Tom will be up to the challenge.”

Nantz doesn’t know everything, though. There is one aspect of the situation that caught him off-guard.

“I did not think this was something that he’d want to do at the end of this career, interestingly,” said Nantz. “I didn’t see it coming. I thought that when the playing days are over he might want to get involved in some sort of film production and some behind-the-scenes things like that.”

There’s certainly a chance that Brady doesn’t pan out as an analyst, but based off the opinions of those who have survived at the highest level the business, it’s not a wise decision to bet against him.

I mean, it’s never been a good idea to bet against Brady, anyway. Why start now?

You can watch the full interview with Nantz, below:

Featured image via Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports