As of the last few years, when Tom Brady came to town anyways, the Buccaneers have been one of the more respected teams in the league. They have done things the right way. Whether it be developing players through the draft or paying them in free agency.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been able to spend money on other players because of the affordable contract they have in Tom Brady, and other players. It’s the way the New England Patriots did it, and it’s the way the team has been doing it the last few years.

Mike Evans is one of those players. The best receiver in franchise history has one of the best contracts in the NFL.

Pro Football Focus ranks Evans’ contract second-best in the NFL

Evans has finished eight straight years with at least 1,000 receiving yards. That, is unheard of.

Like, literally. Evans broke Randy Moss’ previous record of 1,000+ receiving yards in the first six years of a career back in 2020.

Evans is literally in a category of his own when it comes to that feat.

The only other player remotely close to doing that is Travis Kelce for the Kansas City Chiefs, but even with Kelce’s six straight 1,000+ yard seasons, it’s not the same as Evans considering it’s not Kelce’s first five seasons.

Evans is currently 59th on the NFL’s all-time receiving yards list. If he keeps doing what he has his whole career, there is no telling how high he’ll eventually rank.

Evans signed his contract on March 9, 2018, for five years, $82.5 million. As of today, it is widely regarded as one of the best contracts in the league.

According to Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger, he feels the same way:

“Evans is entering Year 9 of his NFL career and has still yet to record fewer than 1,000 receiving yards in a season. He’ll play the entire 2022 campaign at just 29 years old, younger than recently extended Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp despite entering the league three years earlier. Since 2014, Evans has generated 3.33 Wins Above Replacement, trailing only Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Antonio Brown among wide receivers.

Evans is no longer even the highest-paid wide receiver on his own team, with Chris Godwin signing a three-year, $60 million extension this offseason — one of 16 wide receivers who now earns more annually. While Evans has made it clear he cares more about winning, going so far as to explore ways to create room for others to get their deals, he more than deserves a new contract.”

Spielberger has Evans contract ranked the second-best in the NFL, behind Philadelphia Eagles tackle Jordan Mailata.

You could easily make the case that Evans should be paid higher. He could probably earn a deal close to Tyreek Hill’s and Davante Adams’, if he wanted to find that elsewhere. However, Evans is a true winner. That is all he wants to do, and he wants to do it for the Buccaneers, the team that drafted him.

People often times mention Brady when talking about pay cuts to help a team out. Evans has done the same thing. His contract is a huge reason the team was able to reach an agreement with Godwin, thus, keeping the core of the Super Bow team together.

The older Tampa Bay fans may not agree with this, but Evans is the best receiver this team has ever seen. He deserves the money, but he wants to win, more than anything.

You can read the rest of the PFF article here.

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