When you have an elite quarterback, or, the greatest of all-time, you need great protection up front. That’s exactly what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done for Tom Brady since he joined the team.

You could say Brady has been so good because of the time he has in the pocket. All of that time starts up front, at every position. A big one, and maybe the second most important position on the offensive line, is the center. The Buccaneers have one of the best guys up front in football, as he recently cracked an elite list on Pro Football Focus.

Buccaneers’ Ryan Jensen is one of the NFL’s best centers

One of the more important positions in football has to be the center position. He is where the play begins and is a big factor in making sure the team has the proper protections in place. And, obviously, he controls where the ball goes: whether it be over the quarterback’s head, or right in his hands.

Ryan Jensen is the Buccaneers’ elite center.

According to PFF, Jensen had the ninth-best pressure percentage of all centers at 2.78%, which is just above Justin Britt of the Houston Texans and just below Andre James of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Jensen also finished with a PFF grade of 69.9 overall, a 61.7 pass-blocking grade, and a 76.1 run block grade. Along with that, he allowed just two sacks in 2021.

Those numbers may not seem great, but he plays one of the hardest positions in football. Imagine having to snap the football perfectly to your quarterback, and then immediately getting ready to block some of the strongest, most fearsome guys in the world coming straight at you. Playing center automatically puts you at a disadvantage.

Jensen is a huge part of the Buccaneers’ success over the last few years. He has been one of the more consistent players at the position and continues to display what it takes to be great in his role.

He will need to continue that level of play next year if Tampa Bay wants to compete for a Super Bowl again. Brady isn’t the most mobile quarterback in the world, so Jensen definitely will have his hands full again. If he can replicate those numbers, or even be a little bit better than last season, the Buccaneers will likely see more or some of the same success.

You can read the PFF article here.

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