Somehow, someway you saw AtoZ Sports Nashville pop into your social media feed. Whether it was on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or your email, we were just there one day. And then the next day, too.

AtoZ Sports Nashville was created in August of 2016 by myself (Austin Stanley) and Zach Bingham. Most people initially think we talk about all sports, A to Z, until it smacks you in the face that it stands for “Austin and Zach”. We’re two former sports radio guys who grew up in Nashville and have a passion for the market and its sports teams.

After getting fired from our morning radio show in the summer of 2016, we decided to start our own digital media company and dive fully into what we thought was a promising sports talk show. Now, AtoZ Sports has matured into a sports media company with two daily streaming sports talk shows, a podcast network, a website staffed with writers, and a handful of social media content creators.

This week we were invited on the new “Lamestream Podcast” on the 440Sports Network. Hosts Braden Gall and Steve Cavendish asked us about how we got started, the importance of video, sales strategies vs radio, and our future.

We greatly enjoyed the conversation and appreciate Braden and Steve having us on. Hopefully there can be more follow up episodes as our journey continues!