The Chicago Bears have had many problems over the last few years.

A messy front office situation, a head coaching situation meant for the lowlights, a disorganized offensive vision, these are only a few of the issues that have plagued this franchise in recent seasons.

But one problem that has stood out not only in recent years, but over the last half decade plus, has the the Bears’ inability to conquer the mountain that has stumped them time and time again.

This mountain isn’t easy to overcome, as its immeasurable size and stature has stumped many more climbers aside from the Bears over the course of modern NFL history.

But if the Bears want to get where they want to be, they have to confront this insurmountable challenge and defeat it once and for all. What is this mountain that keeps preventing the Bears from truly moving towards greater pastures in the lovely NFC North?

Well, it’s none other than Green Bay Packers legend, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers’ dominance over the Bears has been well documented, none more notable than his infamous “I own you” statement during another one of his numerous victories against the Bears last season.

His 23 wins against the Bears were tied for fifth all time for quarterback wins against a single individual team, at least before today they were. His 63 touchdowns and whopping 10 interceptions against the Bears were impressive marks as well, signifying his continued dominance over the Bears.

But today, the Bears had a chance to at least stop Rodgers’ run against them. The Packers were 4-8, coming off another loss, with their season slowly slipping away. It’s gotten so significant, that talks of shutting down Rodgers and starting Jordan Love in his place were quickly rising in quantity.

But instead of that, Rodgers suited up to play against the Bears, who are desperate for a win and want to end the nasty taste of Rodgers standing atop their recent history as a franchise.

The Bears had their chances, but in the end, Rodgers added another win against his beloved NFC North rivals.

This time by a score of 28-19.

Justin Fields’ two interceptions — both in the fourth quarter — all but sealed it for Green Bay, as they walked out of Solider Field with another win, and for Rodgers, another win against his favorite Chicago Bears.

For the Bears, they’re simply still stuck in the shadow of Rodgers, even when both are having down years record wise. It’s a reality that they don’t want to encounter, as it seemingly reminds them of how short they’ve come in terms of exorcising one of their biggest demons.

But the reality is reality, and it’s something the Bears have to overcome if they want to move forward as a franchise, and even as a contender if all the right pieces align in the future.

You can’t remain in this shadow, no matter how insignificant some might make it out to be.

It’ll remain as a stain on the organization, a stain on the organization’s pride if the trend continues this way. And if that occurs, then you’ll lose all integrity as a fierce force to be reckoned with when it comes to the uniqueness of this historic rivalry.

The Bears will have to somehow beat Aaron Rodgers before he potentially makes his graceful exit from the NFC North, and maybe the NFL entirely.

It’s a monkey they haven’t gotten off their back, one they simply can’t ignore and play off as some unimportant scenario they have no business paying attention to.

Will they somehow make it happen? That remains to be seen, but it needs to happen no matter what.

That’s for sure.

Featured image via Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports