Joint practices often lead to some kerfuffles. Feathers get ruffled, and some early-season emotion comes out. That’s what happened on Thursday between the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. There was consistent jawing and some heavy hits for a training camp practice throughout the day. Ultimately, it boiled over into a couple skirmishes.

No one will ever know what exactly was said between the teams to cause the mix-ups. Regardless, there’s no doubting the energy during the joint practices between these two teams.

From this video, it is clear that former Cowboys edge rusher Randy Gregory had some words for his former team. You have to like that energy from the new Broncos defender early in his tenure with the team.

Not to mention, this is the first real action against an opponent that isn’t on your team so far this season for both teams. Emotions run high, and many players are fighting for a roster spot. They know how much these practices can affect the final cutdowns for the depth chart.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports