KANSAS CITY – The Kansas City Chiefs have had a solid offseason, but there is still work to do in the form of one important player’s contract: Orlando Brown Jr.

The Chiefs tagged Brown back in March and he is slated to make $16.662 million in 2022. However, Brown wants a long-term deal, instead. The two parties recently entered the negotiation period after Brown hired an agent to deal with everything.

Now, it’s about getting a deal done before the July 15 deadline. Brown’s recent comments during an interview on NFL Network made it sound as if the Pro Bowl offensive lineman won’t play without a long-term deal, making the July 15 date even important.

Even if it’s a hollow threat.

The good news is that’s not likely to happen. Pro Football Focus‘ Ari Meirov believes this, as well.

He has Brown in line for a big payday in his recent column:

“Brown just recently hired an agent, and the hope is that will jumpstart extension talks. Brown told NFL Network earlier this month that he’s “very confident” a deal will get done.

“Especially simply based off the things that have come into effect within our division, the type of defensive ends that have been brought in, the type of players and all of that type of stuff,” Brown said. “It’s not the year to go into the season with a backup left tackle.”

That last part sounds like a threat to miss games if no deal is reached. Brown is yet to sign his franchise tag tender, but all parties involved believe something will get done. His four-year 80.2 pass-blocking grade is a top-20 mark among all tackles.”

Right now, Brown’s market value is estimated to be at $23.3 million/year, per Spotrac.

The Chiefs don’t have to pay Brown just yet, however

The Chiefs have a little over $14.3 million in cap room per Over The Cap and a little over $11 million per Spotrac. Brown’s $16.662 million franchise tag will come directly off the top of the pile if it’s applied in 2022.

Meaning, the Chiefs would be in the red if he were to play under the tag.

But a closer look reveals that both sites already have Brown’s salary accounted for. Therefore, the Chiefs still have plenty of cap space even with Brown’s tag figured in.

That changes things quite a bit when taking the entire situation into account. If Brown does hold out, the Chiefs have the money to go out sign a veteran left tackle -or even trade for one- so they aren’t left completely in the cold. They’d also see a $16.662 million increase in cap space, which opens the door for other options, as well.

Sure enough, it will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

You can check out Meirov’s full column, here.

Featured image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports