Either by now you are still coping with the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Indianapolis Colts, or you are completely over it and moved on to the next week. Either is fine, really.

The offense didn’t show up much either if we are being honest. Now, were they better than special teams? Yes. But they did not look like the offense we all know.

The defense was outstanding in the game. They forced several three-and-outs and even forced a turnover, along with another forced fumble. However, ultimately, it was the defense that made a mistake to lose the game.

But, if you are still not over the loss, then you know who you are likely going to pin the blame on for this loss. It has to be special teams, just simply because of how abysmal they were. 

The Chiefs’ special teams were downright awful, which is crazy. If you have been a Chiefs fan for a while, then you know that Dave Toub, the special team’s coordinator, has almost always had great special teams.

However, Toub did not make a great decision during the offseason. It was one that is now coming back to bite the Chiefs.

Chiefs’ Toub has a different way of picking the kicker

According to Kent Swanson of KC Sports Network, the Chiefs held a competition for the backup kicker spot in camp this offseason.

Yes, you heard that right. To pick who was going to be the backup kicker, they held a kicking competition. It just so happens that Matt Ammendola won the competition. Whosever idea it was, and my guess is that Toub had a big part in it, it was an awful idea.

One of the kickers he beat in that competition was Chase McLaughlin, who was perfect Sunday.

As Swanson said on Twitter, there is no way of knowing how they will do in a game setting by just simply holding a competition. Kicking in a stadium filled with 67,000 fans, almost all of them screaming at you to miss, is a whole lot harder than kicking on a practice field with the team.

This, to me, is unacceptable. Not to mention, you can just watch Ammendola kick and tell he shouldn’t be on any roster. He just isn’t good.

Featured Image Via Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK