If you have been following the Las Vegas Raiders closely, then you likely know that one, the Raiders stink, and B, owner Mark Davis is completely fine with it.

No, really, Mark Davis made a comment recently that made everyone scratch their head. The comment was him stating that he trusts what Josh McDaniels is doing, and that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’

Well, as crazy as that sounds, Derek Carr recently backed what Mark Davis said.

“Sometimes it takes more time than you want to. It definitely takes more time than anyone on the outside wants it to because it’s NFL. It’s like: ‘What can you do for me right now?’ But I think what owner said it best — it’s not built in just one day. It really isn’t. And what his belief is, and what Josh [McDaniels] and Dave’s [Ziegler] belief is. There’s no denying their success.

“There’s no denying what they’ve been able to do. (McDaniels) is not in here beating us over the head every day or anything like that. He’s super positive, he’s encouraging, but he corrects us, and he’s disciplined and all the things that you would love in a coach. And so, we feel good about it going forward, but I think it’s just two different teams if that makes sense.”

There has been some drama surrounding the Raiders and their locker room. Apparently, it’s Josh McDaniels and players not buying in, and then it’s on the players, and then there is a chemistry issue.

It’s all over the place right now. But for Carr to agree with that has to have some people scratching their heads, and here is why.

Yeah, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this was a playoff team last year. They have nearly the same core roster and added two All-Pro players. So, in my opinion, it has to be the coach.

I mean, Rich Bisaccia had a hold of the locker room better than McDaniels does.

Rome was already built when McDaniels got here, it just needed some additions and renovations. Instead, it got demolished for a rebuild.

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