The Las Vegas Raiders had an issue during the middle of the season, and close to the end. Some may remember, but if not, there was a narrative going around that new head coach Josh McDaniels had lost the locker room.

During the end of season media availability, one Raiders star confirms that just wasn’t the case.

“We love Josh (McDaniels),” star defensive end Maxx Crosby said. “I think he has done a great job. It is just obviously as fans, you want it right now, and as players, you want it right now; you want to win. Eleven out of 12 months, I am all in on football, and I know that the coaches are as well. From an outside perspective, you obviously want it right now.”

We also heard other guys like Davante Adams and Derek Carr come out and say the same thing during the season, but there was still the skepticism, of course.

But, now it’s three players, all of them your best guys, so you kind of have to believe it. It sounds like they trust and believe in what McDaniels is doing, and they like the guy.

“The thing about Josh, is he has been consistent, and that is all you can ask for,” Crosby continued. “At the end of the day we are all in this to do the same thing, and that is win. We want to bring Super Bowls, and we want to do all of these big things, but it’s a process.”

McDaniels offense looked great at times during the season. At points they would look unstoppable, then when it came time to close the game out, they just couldn’t. I don’t think that has to do with liking a coach, but more so if the play by the players and the coaching by the coach.

The Raiders need to fix whatever issues there were this off-season. That is obvious, though. They have a ton of talent on their team and frankly, they are wasting it.

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