Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow will never be trusted by his teammates again.

At least when it comes to reserving an Uber (or, presumably, a Lyft).

Renfrow booked an Uber for himself and three of his Raiders teammates — Derek Carr, Davante Adams, and Mack Hollins — and let’s just say the Uber was a little undersized.

Here’s a clip from inside the Uber.

I love how Renfrow is just casually in the front seat while the others are crammed into the back.

I don’t know if Renfrow got a tiny Uber on purpose or it was a mixup, but I like to think he planned this out. Either way, it’s completely hilarious. And I seriously doubt Renfrow will ever be in charge of securing a ride-sharing service for his Las Vegas teammates again.

The good news for Renfrow (and the Raiders) is that I’m sure he’ll still have plenty of trust on the field.

Featured image via Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports