Rumors continue to swirl about Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks. The rookie has been the subject of some misleading reports in the past handful of weeks. The inaccurate information reached a new level on Tuesday when Dan Hanzus of incorrectly categorized Burks’ performance and role in Titans training camp so far.

The Titans used a first-round pick on wide receiver Treylon Burks, but don’t pencil him in for a huge role in the offense to start the season. Burks had conditioning issues this spring, and reports out of training camp have not been kind — the Arkansas product has made mental and physical mistakes playing mostly with the second- and third-team offenses. Burks isn’t the first rookie to be swimming in it during his first training camp, but you get the feeling Tennessee expected an instant impact on draft day.

The Apology

Hanzus attempted to walk back his statements on Wednesday. In reality, he didn’t even do that. Hanzus downplayed the importance of his statements on Burks. He simply pushed blame onto other outlets/reporters because he did not do enough research into what has actually been going on at Titans training camp. That should be the bare minimum when you work for a national media outlet. Instead, he took a couple of surface-level reports that were taken out of context and ran with them.

He finishes the “apology” by calling the fanbase for the Titans one of the most sensitive. Hanzus tells them to “chill” as well. Overall, it was not much of an apology at all, and Hanzus confirmed as much after the segment was released.

It is quite the schtick for Hanzus. He continues to just alienate a fanbase simply because he released misleading information about them in one of his articles. It is all unnecessary.

Sam Phalen of A to Z Sports addressed the controversy already. This is what he had to say about the Titans rookie WR so far in camp.

He has stuck out as being a difference maker for the Titans offense, and the trust he has built with Ryan Tannehill is apparent to anybody that has watched them interact on a daily basis.

I would have no problem being critical of Burks if he had shown up to training camp behind in his conditioning or if it seemed like he wasn’t making much of an impact on the field.

Those are the facts regarding Burks at practice so far. Some national media outlets apparently don’t really care for those, though.

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