Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry was reported to have a Jones fracture surgery on Nov. 2 after breaking a bone in his foot on Oct. 31 at the Indianapolis Colts. Now we have new information.

Six weeks from the day of surgery, Dr. Geoff Watson of the Bone and Joint Institute joined Austin Stanley and Zach Bingham of A to Z Sports Nashville on Tuesday to discuss Derrick Henry’s surgery, recovery and possible return.

Watson is a foot and ankle expert and orthopedic surgeon in Franklin, TN. He did not perform the surgery on Derrick Henry, but he has learned more about the specific surgery that the Titans RB had performed on him. On the DocTalk segment, he provided new information on the surgery that Derrick Henry had on his foot. Additionally, Watson gave insight on the possible timetable for his return to the Titans.

Watson explained that it was possible that the fracture began as a stress fracture that Henry played through. Henry may have cracked the bone fully in that process.

Notably, Watson explained that Henry’s surgery was a bit different than first reported – it seems.

“He actually had a plate and screws to stabilize it, so they made a little bit bigger incision. Then, they put a plate on the outside of the bone where the tension side is, and that helps to prevent that bone from capping,” Watson described.

Watson said that meant that his surgery and recovery was a bit different than usual from a normal Jones fracture.

For the entire discussion with more details, check out this video.

The Titans sit atop the AFC South standings and are currently the second seed in the AFC Playoffs. The remaining four games on the Titans’ schedule are at Pittsburgh, vs San Fransisco (TNF), vs Miami, and at Houston.

The NFL Playoffs begin with Wildcard Weekend from January 15-16. Wildcard Weekend would be eleven weeks post surgery for Derrick Henry.

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