The frustration that has mounted with New Orleans Saints fans when it comes to some of their best players not getting the ball, has been crazy this season.

For most of the season, it has been about trying to get Taysom Hill the ball in situations that allow the Saints to make plays, to help find a way to win ball games.

For another large part of the season it has been about not giving the fastest guy on the team and one of the fastest guys in the league a chance to show what he can do as much as he should be given that chance.

Rashid Shaheed, a guy who a lot of people outside of the Saints organization and fan base doesn’t know about, has elite tools to be good in the NFL.

He has shown that with the little chances he has been given, so there has been a lot of heat on Dennis Allens’ shoulders about why Shaheed isn’t getting those opportunities.

When he has gotten the chance, he has shown out. Now, he just needs the volume to be there too.

“Well, he has made plays when he has had an opportunity,” Allen said. “He brings a speed element to our offense, which I think is good, it opens up a lot of things for a lot of people. When the ball has gone to him, he has made some plays. So, when you make plays you get more opportunities.

“I’d say the other thing is he has proven to me, from a standpoint of learning, that he knows what to do, so I can count on him to be in the right spots. That’s all a part of what it is in terms of a young player developing and being able to play.”

Shaheed deserves a lot more than what he is getting, and the snaps are trending in that direction. Last week was his career-high snap count with 53% of offensive snaps, playing 30 total offensive snaps.

Before that, in Week 11 against the Rams, he set a career-high for snaps with 49%. So, as I said, it is trending in the right direction, but you would definitely like to see more.

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