The New Orleans Saints have one of the best-hidden weapons in the NFL, and he just so happens to be a return man.

Rashid Shaheed is one of the fastest and most elusive dudes in the league, and a lot of people that don’t follow the Saints, have no idea who that is and may have never even heard his name before.

He plays, offense, yeah, but not much. He makes his bread returning kicks and punts. Well, he just started making his bread that way.

Shaheed has returned just eight kicks and 10 punts but has yet to return one. Of course, it’s harder than people think. While he hasn’t had a return of longer than 32 yards yet, he has gotten one block away from taking one to the house.

“Very, very, very close,” Shaheed said when asked if he feels close to popping off for a return touchdown.

“You know, it’s coming. Each week that I have had a chance to be back there I have felt more comfortable and more comfortable. Yeah, it’s going to take a little bit of time but it’s coming for sure.”

Taking one back, whether it be a punt or a kick, is very hard, and a lot of returners can go through their entire career without a touchdown on special teams.

But like I said earlier, Shaheed is so close. It’s the little things, and if one little thing goes the right way, he has the speed to take it home.

“Yeah, absolutely, it just takes one block,” Shaheed told reporters in the locker room.

“It’s a game of inches and once I feel a crease, we are going to get some big returns, I have a feeling. We are going to keep scouting teams, see what’s going to work against them, and take advantage of it.”

The Saints have definitely found themselves a secret weapon. Now it’s just time for him to prove they made the right decision.

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